Bus News Features — 28 September 2018

British bus manufacturer Optare has revealed its plans for this year’s Euro Bus Expo in Birmingham next month by  confirming it will unveil the ‘next-generation’ of its electric bus range.

 “We are promising to excite the industry once again with the launch of our next generation of Optare EV bus offering,” said a company statement

“Expect to be impressed by the range, efficiency, passenger capacity and weight of Optare’s ‘next generation’ of fully electric buses,” there statement said.

 Optare said. that In response to customer feedback it has also become the first OEM to offer Allison’s xFE transmission as standard on its single-decker buses.

Launched at Euro Bus Expo back in 2016, the fuel-saving transmission performed well in testing with a single-decker, Euro VI Optare equipped with the gearbox and FuelSense 2.0 Max returning an annual fuel saving of up to $AUD3000 (GBP1650)in the UK , says Optare.

A Solo and Versa demonstrator – each fitted with the gearbox – will be on display at the show, which runs from 30 October to 1 November.