Isuzu Truck has announced it has created a new role entitled marketing manager, CRM and Digital and appointed Michael McLean to the role.

Dealing with customer engagement and relations management, the position will also strategically position Isuzu Australia at the forefront of the broader digital communications push.

McLean  brings with him more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, working across several market-leading brands.

Most recently heading up the marketing consumer division for Techtronics Industries Australia (TTI), with responsibility for both the digital, on-site and in-store teams, Michael looked after some of the biggest and most respected brands in the highly competitive power tools market – including heavyweights Ryobi and AEG.

IAL Director and COO, Phil Taylor said the development of the new role and acquisition of McLean aptly projected IAL’s commitment to embracing an ever-evolving media and marketing landscape.

“For many decades we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as genuine leaders of the Australian trucking industry, but that’s not just confined to selling steel,” Mr Taylor said.

“We’ve identified the importance, not only of having a strong presence within a shifting media, marketing and communications setting, but also in having an even more sophisticated understanding of our customers’ needs and aspirations.”

To come on board with the Australian truck market leaders of 26 years and apply his skills-set to a new industry was an opportunity not to be missed for Mr McLean.

“Isuzu have done an incredible job of being market leader for the last 26 years, but like any organisation, there’s a growing need to embrace new technology when it comes to marketing and communications,” Mr McLean said.

“More than ever before the customer is in charge of their own purchase experience. We know that 80 per cent of customers have already done their research online and come very close to making a final decision before they even set foot on the showroom floor.

“It’s our challenge then to guide and manage that experience.”

A vital element of the new position is customer relations management or ‘CRM’, a juncture of data collation, communications and marketing, essential to a more sophisticated sales approach.

“Isuzu has a really good underlying foundation for database marketing. I’d like to be able to take it to that next level and generate some detailed insights,” Mr McLean said.

“There are two sides to it really. You’ve got the management of existing relationships and the nurturing of new leads to assist with a purchase.”

On the topic of the broader digital transition currently underway across the Australian media and marketing space, Mr McLean has a straightforward approach.

“It’s not about applying digital tools for the sake of it. It’s about employing the right tools for the business to grow and continue to succeed.”