Ryde driver Ross Ivory who has been driving buses for 50 years. Photographed at Woolwich and Ryde depot in April 2023

After a couple of weeks of pain for bus drivers  following  the  tragic Greta bus crash, one bus company has been able to stand proud and laud  one off its drivers who has just logged up a half century behind the wheel.

Australian bus operator Busways is honouring and celebrating one of its drivers, Ross Ivory  from its Ryde Depot bus driver,  having logged an amazing 50 years of service behind the wheel.

A Girraween local, Ross Ivory started his career as a bus conductor in 1972 and says from a young age he always had a fascination with buses.

“As a young boy, I would always travel on the bus with my mum and brother, and I always had an innate curiosity about buses. Eventually, as I got older, I thought this is something I need to do or I will regret it,” he said.

“As soon as I was 18, I applied to become a bus conductor. Back in those days you needed three years of training as a bus operator first before becoming a bus driver.”

“Once I got in, I quit my job as a telegram operator and began my career in buses. I spent three years training as a bus conductor, and at 21 I was finally a driver.”

Ross Ivory says he still can recall the first day he was able to drive his own bus on his own.

“I was a bit nervous at first, but I was more excited about doing it because it was something that I had thought about since I was a young boy.”

Ivory goes on to say the passengers are the reason he loves his job, and he enjoys meeting the public and trying to help them on their endeavours of where they need to get to.

“What I have learnt over the past 50 years, is that passengers are just people wanting to get from point A to point B without any hassle. Every trip I do, I make sure I drive in a professional manner and make my passengers feel welcome.

“My favourite interactions with the public would have to be when they thank you or even from the back door, they’ll give you a wave and motion thank you.”

Ivory says one of the best compliments he received from a customer was when I was driving across the Anzac Bridge and the traffic was just at a standstill.

“The passenger said to me we beat all the traffic! I can’t believe it!”

Ivory recalls in many circumstances going out of his way to make sure his passengers arrived home safe and sound.

“One woman was completely lost, and so I walked her up the street, found her house and made sure she got inside safe.”

Ryde depot manager, Steve Bakous, says Ross Ivory’s outstanding achievement of 50 years in the bus industry dedication is a testament to his commitment, to the transportation sector.

“Ross has left an indelible mark on countless lives and the communities he has served.”

“In my 18 years in the Bus Industry, I have seen many people come and go, and leave their mark in some form, but Ross continues to power on, not only for himself but for the community.”

“Ross spent tireless hours assisting with the school liaison program which educated students starting at new schools, ensuring their pathway was an enjoyable journey.

“His passion, dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment is highly commended at Busways to say the least.” team!

Busways says it is actively recruiting drivers across New South Wales and encourages anyone who loves driving and is seeking a stable career serving their community to apply.