In an interesting media statement this week Fuso Australia has confirmed it has a secured a steady supply of Canter light trucks into the future .

Although the Daimler owned Japanese brand doesn’t even into or mention the supply issues besetting its besieged competitor Hino, any astute observer  would  be able to conclude that Fuso is hoping to potentially pick up  some more customers  in a market that is heavy on demand and light on supply.

Hino it seems  will only have very limited supply of many of the truck in its range for potentially 12 months or more which may spur some customers to switch to Fuso  because they cannot get a Hino. T&B News  emphasises that this conclusion is based on our own speculation and  not based on anything any of the Japanese truck brands have said.

Fuso said in its release that “while supply issues continue to affect the industry, the it now has consistent supply of its most popular models”.

This it says includes the full Canter range, including its Built Ready factory tippers, wide cab and city cab models. Fuso also said it has good supply of the Canter 515, which it points out  is the best-selling single model truck in Australia.

Fuso Truck and Bus Australia director, Alex Müller, said Fuso is pleased to have secured reliable production flow for Canter.

“We are very excited to be able to offer our customers consistent and solid supply of our Canter, giving them peace of mind that we now can provide the trucks they need to get the job done,” Müller said .

“A lot of work has gone in to clearing the hurdles required to release a steady supply of our most popular truck,”  he Müller concluded.

Fuso also added in the statement that it also has a decent supply of its medium duty Fighter and heavy-duty Shogun models.

With the market set to  smash al sales records this year, the troubles at Hino, following difficult supply chain issues over the past two years, one can only hope the other brands can fill the gap by the potential lack of supply for the Toyota owned brand