There is nothing like celebrating a significant birthday and giving  and giving everyone  attending the party presents  to celebrate. That is sort off what Fuso is  doing as the truck brand celebrates its half century in Australia.

On its 50th anniversary of its Canter on  Australian roads Fuso has released a special edition, not exactly a present but a celebratory model that customers  will enjoy thanks  to a bunch of added extras and special features with the introduction of the special edition model.

Fuso 50th Anniversary Canter is based on a 515, its best-selling model in Australia, and it is offering 150 of them, available through the Fuso dealer network across the country.

The 50th anniversary models are Built Ready Alloy Tray models and feature special factory silver paint, 50th Anniversary Edition badging and custom seat covers.

Fuso is also running a competition to celebrate the milestone. Three customers of the 50th Anniversary Canters, who purchase their vehicles before December 31, 2021, will win back the value of their trucks.

The standard specification of the Canter in 2021 is a world away from the original truck, which was quite bare apart the “flow-through ventilation” and “safety glass all-round” that were promoted in the advertisements of the time.

Its  also come a long way from the days in the early 1970s when  the Fuso brand had some reliability issues that prompted the formation of a union of truck owners that called itself UFO, or Unsatisfied Fuso Owners. Taht was a long time ago  and these days the brand is admired and respected for its reliability and durability.

These days, the Canter 515 comes standard with a radar-based Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Lane Departure Warning System, a 7-inch high-resolution touch screen display and a driver’s airbag. While the original truck was manual-only, the new Canter is also available with an optional fast-shifting fully automated dual-clutch transmission.

Fuso has sold more than 73,000 Canters since the model was introduced in Australia after proving itself on the rough tracks of Papua New Guinea.

The current Canter features best-in-class payload and a generous warranty (five years/200,000km, whichever comes first) as well as 30,000km service intervals, making it a sensible choice.

Canter is available in a range of configurations from a 3.5 tonne car licence model to an 8.5 tonne version, along with City Cabs, Wide Cabs, Crew Cabs, Built Ready tippers, tray trucks and pantechs as well as a rugged 4×4 unit.

This year, Fuso started a new chapter in the Canter story by introducing the first OEM fully-electric truck in Australia; the eCanter.

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