An Australian commercial vehicle lighting and electronics distributor claims to have become the first to gain ADR compliance for a camera based mirror system that can be fitted to both existing and new trucks and buses.

Sydney based AngelTrax Australia has launched its 12.3inch E-Side Mirror System, which it says is designed for replacing the traditional exterior mirror on either trucks or buses.

The local company is the Australian  distributor for US based AngelTrax, which designs, manufactures and distributes in-vehicle mobile surveillance systems for the mass transit,  truck fleets, railway and waste management industries.

Mercedes-Benz trucks launched the world’s first such system on a production truck, debuting its MirrorCam on Actros models in 2018 using an ECE certification for its system. Initially Benz has struggled to attract many buyers  for its camera based mirrors, despite clear benefits in fuel efficiency and lower wind noise, with many drivers  being dismissive of the system despite not having tried it.

However the AngelTrax system allows operators to retrofit the system to current trucks and buses or to have it installed in new commercial vehicles.

The AngelTrax system collects image from exterior cameras mounted on both the left and right side of the vehicle, with the images they capture on a pair of  12.3inch screens attached to both A-pillars.

AngelTrax says the E-Side Mirror system provides drivers with an optimal view of what is alongside or behind the vehicle, particularly compared with standard exterior glass mirrors,  with camera based mirrors providing increased visibility and a decreased risk of tangling with other vehicles and on the road and while manoeuvring.

The AngelTrax system uses two cameras to provide two images, with both an ADR Class II high def image from one camera and an ADR Class IV image from the second camera, giving drivers a longer rear view from camera one and a wider view from camera two, with the images both visible on the screens in the cab.

The company also says the system provides a high definition, clear and balanced image, even in extreme conditions like heavy rain, fog, snow and at night where poor or strong lighting can affect vision from conventional mirrors.

Like the Daimler MirrorCam, the AngelTrax E-Side mirror system is able to compensate for areas that are too bright or too dark, such as in tunnels, entrances to warehouses and other changing light environments. The company says that automatically detecting strong light sources like direct sunlight, head-lights or spotlights as well as reduced light exposure, greatly improves the clarity of bright area and capturing a clear image for the driver.

The capability to adjust the screen brightness automatically as needed to match the surrounding lighting conditions helps reduce driver fatigue.

The external camera units attached to the truck  are treated with a hydrophilic coating,  ensuring water droplets will dissipate quickly and  ensures no dew condensation. It also means according to AngelTrax that it can provide a clear image, even in extreme conditions such as heavy rain, fog and snow.

The company also says it has a heating function in the camera unit  that operates when it detects temperature below 5° C, ensuring perfect performance even in low temperatures.

The AngleTrax E-Side Mirror system is available now  with further details available by visiting www.angeltrax.com.au