Scania has introduced a new bigger CR23 cab variant  to its truck range  delivering up to an extra 270mm extra length, which it says offers premium driver comfort for high-end, long-distance travel and raises the bar for premium trucks in Australia.

Scania has worked with its subsidiary Laxå Special Vehicles which produces the bigger cabs exclusively.

Scania Trucks Australia’s director of sales Benjamin Nye, said that with the introduction of the new CR23 cab variant Scania had raised the bar for premium trucks even higher.

“We have blended some of the capabilities from our four-door Scania CrewCab into our R-series premium cab, adding generous space that brings extra comfort,” he says.

Scania says that its decision to offer extended cabs, built in small volumes, was based on a persistent demand from several markets, notably Australia.

The company said that  the added cab length answers what it describes as persistent driver calls for an even more spacious interior, especially from those who spend many nights away from home on long interstate drives its added.

Scania explained that the extra space is created by adding existing cab components, which is possible thanks to its well established modular system.

Scania  says the expandable bed, which can now be pulled out to 100 cm wide, now no longer needs to be retracted to move the seats back into a driving position, allowing the bed to remain made up, all day.

The addition of 27 cm to the initial length of 200 cm, which is measured from the pedals to the rear cab wall,  represents an increase of more than 13 per cent , something that makes an appreciable difference once inside.

“The most obvious benefit is of course for long-distance drivers, they are always on the lookout for comfortable premium solutions,” Ben said.

“Since we announced the creation of the CR23 to the Australian market in 2021 we have received many serious enquiries from existing customers, such that we are undoubtedly the biggest global market for this variant,” said Ben Nye.

“The factory has been working flat-out to meet our demand, and the first examples have already arrived and been delivered to their very excited new owners and drivers,” he said.

“Despite the extra length of the body and extra metal, the recent weight reduction programmes within the V8 engine and all new alloy transmission ranges, which means that we continue to comply with Australia’s front axle weight limits,” Nye concluded.