Fuso will unveil two new and upgraded buses on its stand at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, with both a new version of its Aero Queen large bus and Rosa light bus.

Fuso says the Aero Queen on the stand is Japan’s first heavy-duty touring bus installed with Active Side Guard Assist, a safety feature that monitors the driver’s left side blind spot.

The big Fuso bus also includes safety features  such as EDSS, which gives passengers the ability to press a button and bring the vehicle to a safe stop in case the driver loses consciousness, along with Active Brake Assist 4 an automatic braking system with slow-speed pedestrian detection function.

Fuso says  the bus is also fitted with it’s connectivity solution BusConnect, which provides fleet managers with real-time information  including bus location and trajectory, safe driving, and fuel consumption, telemetry for buses in operation and a 24-hour monitoring function and an emergency response system if driver is in trouble or the Active Brake Assist 4 secondary braking is activated.

Fuso also claims the Aero Queen’s body design, which uses what it calls ‘the new Fuso Black Belt design identity’ has already won the Good Design Award 2019.

The other Fuso bus featured at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, is the latest version of its popular Rosa which is being launched with a raft of new safety and upgrade features, including autonomous emergency braking or AEBS, electronic stability program, and lane departure warning system as well as Hill Start assist.

This new Rosa model will apparently also now be available as a luxury version, which Fuso says reflects the growing demand for high-end transport for smaller tourist groups.