Hino Australia has announced it will debut a new 300 Series Hybrid tilt tray recovery truck at the upcoming Sydney SuperNight event from 19-21 July, as part of its partnership with the Repco Supercars Championship,.

Hino points out that Australian customers have now had access to its  hybrid trucks  for 15 years  and claims that compared to an equivalent diesel truck, a Hino 300 Series Hybrid delivers up to 20 per cent  in fuel savings and emissions reduction.

The company says that the offering also eliminates any concerns regarding charging facilities and range limitations, with models available from car-licenced 4.5 tonne GVM, up to medium rigid-licenced 8.5 tonne GVM.

The Hybrid recovery truck will be fitted with a Kyokuto Single Car carrier body with a tilt tray slide  which it says  will allow the tray to slide off the back of the vehicle and for loading work to be performed at almost any angle down to zero degrees.

“The Kyokuto body is unique and relatively new to Australia – it has been selected as it meets the exacting operational requirements of Supercar races and will ensure the safe and prompt removal of crashed Supercars and other race cars,” said Hino Australia president  and CEO, Richard Emery .

“One of the major benefits of the tilt slide is that, once the tray is on the ground, loading can be done at a near zero degree angle and from the ground eliminating the risk of falling from heights,” Emery said.

Hino says the quick removal of crashed cars will be made possible courtesy of the one-handed, single button remote operation.

“As part of our long-term partnership with Supercars, we have provided a 500 Series Standard Cab recovery vehicle for the last five years – the 300 Series Hybrid Electric is a natural progression that ties in with Supercars sustainability strategy,” continued Emery.

Supercars chief operating officer Tim Watsford said they’re thrilled to welcome Hino’s innovative Hybrid Electric Tilt Tray into its Supercars recovery fleet.

“This marks a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability and efficiency,” said Watsford.

“This partnership underscores our dedication to embracing advancements that benefit both our sport and the environment,” he said.

“This addition to our fleet confirms a significant milestone for Supercars and we look forward to utilising their advanced features to ensure seamless recovery operations at our events,” said  Watsford.

The Hybrid and 500 Series Standard Cab Recovery Vehicles will be in action at the Sydney, Bathurst, Gold Coast and Adelaide rounds of the 2024 Supercars Championship.