27.09.2014, IAA, Impressionen

The World’s largest truck show in Hannover has been rebranded and refreshed  as it prepares to make its comeback after a four year absence due to Covid.

The show  which has been rebranded as ‘IAA TRANSPORTATION 2022’  from its previous name ‘IAA Commercial Vehicles’, and will run in Hanover from the 20th to 25th September.

The show is the world’s largest platform for transport and logistics  and it is set to restart with a new innovative concept after the break caused by the pandemic.

While the former IAA Commercial Vehicles show, focused on light and heavy commercial vehicles, the new concept covers the entire transport and logistics spectrum according to the IAA.

The show was last held in 2018 and  is traditionally staged every two years, so the 2020 edition was missed. After that four year gap the transport world’s eyes will be on Hanover as the burgeoning zero emission environment looks set to burst into bloom at the show.

“IAA TRANSPORTATION brings an industry, without which daily life would not function, into the public spotlight: commercial vehicles – whether small or large – are essential pillars for a functioning economy – both for transport and logistics,” said Hildegard Müller, the president  of the VDA,  the German association of vehicle manufacturers.

“The industry’s innovative and sustainable solutions are already making an enormous contribution to climate protection. This includes buses, which will be in the spotlight at this year’s IAA. We can hardly wait to present many of the industry’s fascinating innovations and impressive new products at this IAA,” Müller explained.

Jürgen Mindel, the CEO of VDA, says he is also extremely satisfied with the level of interest shown in IAA Transportation.

 “The new concept received an extremely positive response, all of the planned hall spaces are fully booked out, we have registered a higher proportion of international exhibitors and partners than in previous years and ore than 1,400 exhibitors from a total of 42 countries will be presenting their innovations and concepts,” said Mindel.

“Amongst them are international and national manufacturers as well as suppliers, infrastructure providers, bus manufacturers, tech-companies, start-ups and, for the first time, cargo bike manufacturers,” he added

There are also exhibitors of trailers, truck trailers and constructors of superstructures as well as suppliers therefore are traditionally strongly represented again, they form by far the largest groups of exhibitors,his year we have over 260 exhibitors of trailers and special bodies and almost 600 suppliers,” Mindel said.

“IAA Transportation is being held during an extremely challenging economic environment and the forecast for the international commercial vehicle markets has been adjusted accordingly,” emphasized Müller.

 “In view of the current tense economic situation and the high level of uncertainty, we only expect a slight five per cent increase in the heavy-duty European commercial vehicle market this year and we had to lower our forecast from  plus five per cent to  plus  two per cent for the US commercial market. We have also recently lowered our 2022 forecast for the Chinese heavy-duty commercial vehicle market from  minus 20 per cent to minus 35 per cent,” Müller added.

“The companies, who are undeterred by this, are continuing to invest and innovate with commitment and determination in order to realize climate-neutral and digital transport systems.

The entire industry will be showing just how successful it already is at IAA – and that it is setting global standards with its solutions.

The new concept will enable this IAA to focus on the innovations and trends implemented along the path to climate-neutral logistics – and it will also enable visitors to grasp, explore and see these developments up close,” said Müller.