Swedish manufacturer Scania has unveiled its next-generation truck range in Paris with a new cab design along with the latest integrated technology.

A decade in the making the new Scania heavy hitter is the result of a massive $3,13 billion investment by the VW owned truck maker.  Scania engineers have put the new flagship through more than 10 million kilometres of testing and development and claim the new truck range will deliver ‘Five per cent lower fuel consumption on average’ and say it has a ‘strong focus on customer profitability’.

It says the fuel efficiency improvements come as a result of factors such as improved powertrains and better aerodynamics

Scania president and CEO Henrik Henriksson unveiled the new generation models to 1,500 guests at the Sustainable Transport Forum in the French capital’s Grand Palais, declaring that the new truck is “undoubtedly the biggest investment in Scania’s 125 year history.”

“Today we are not just launching a new truck range but also a unique, ingenious toolbox of sustainable solutions in the form of products and services that Scania is first in the industry to be able to deliver – and I feel I can claim this with confidence,” said Henriksson.

“We are focusing firmly on our main task: to give our customers the necessary tools for achieving profitability in the one business that really means something to them, namely their own.”

Scania claims the “unique modular system” in the new range means it can now “supply more performance stages, connectivity and a comprehensive palette of productivity-enhancing services as well as sustainable transportation solutions that are precisely customised for each type of customer in the highly competitive transportation industry.”

Connected Trucks is part of the strategy providing both the customer and Scania with insights for improving efficiency and performance.

The Swedish maker says all new vehicles will come with the technology and that it is the future of advanced trucking.

As a total features package, Henriksson says the new “products and services redefine the term ‘premium’ within the truck industry.”\

“The most noticeable features are of course the new cabs, but the real innovation is that we are now introducing new technologies, services and insights that will help our customers gain an overview of both their costs and their revenues,” he says.

“Our goal is for our customers to be able to achieve sustainable profitability, regardless of assignment type or the conditions in which they work.

“Our customers’ vehicles always constitute a link within the bigger picture; Scania embraces this through quality, accessibility and a range of physical or connected services.”

Scania is yet to announce specifications but says production has started for the long haul range while the media launch and customer roll out will be staged over coming weeks.

The company is launching the new range in phases, with a clear focus on various customer segments and according to a carefully planned schedule.

The introductions will continue with more customer options, before the entire process concludes with simultaneous launches on markets outside Europe.

The company’s goal is for at least 40,000 customers and prospective customers to have test driven the new vehicles themselves in connection with the launches and to have been introduced to Scania’s entire range, covering everything from sustainability optimisation to financing, insurance and maintenance.

Truck and Bus News and Transport & Trucking magazine would like to give our readers a first hand insight into the new Scania however we have not been invited to Scania’s global Media launch in Europe next month. We will it seems have to wait until the truck is launched down under.