Transport for NSW  has announced the its Safe-T-Cam located on the Hume Highway at Bargo south of Sydney  has been moved to a new location and was activated on 1 November.

The new camera has been located on the  Douglas Park South overpass southbound and at Pheasants Nest northbound approximately 5kms from the previous location.

According to Transport for NSW Safe-T-Cams detect and provides data on heavy vehicle incidents relating to vehicles that are unregistered and or uninsured, as well as fatigue offences relating to travel between two or more cameras, attempts to avoid detection at camera sites and failures to enter inspection stations.

The Safe-T-Cam network is part of the NHVR heavy vehicle compliance program and is a network of digital cameras that monitor the movement of heavy vehicles.

NHVR director central region, Brett Patterson said the cameras are a way to monitor the movement of heavy vehicles to ensure they comply with registration requirements and their work and rest obligations.

“The new location of the Safe T-Cam at Douglas Park South overpass  and Pheasants Nest will have fixed signage installed to alert heavy vehicle drivers of the camera at both locations, to ensure safety across the industry,” Patterson said.

Further information on the Safe T-Cam Network is available here.