Isuzu has delivered its 200,000th model in Australia, handing the keys of the milestone FYJ 2000 Agitator over to construction giant Hanson last week.

General manager of logistics at Hanson, Scott Tipping, congratulated Isuzu on the hard-fought achievement and expressed the importance of the continuing collaboration between the two industry leaders.

“It’s a massive accomplishment and it’s a real reflection of Isuzu’s standing and prominence within the Australian truck market,” Tipping said.

“To roll out 200,000 trucks you need to have a product that people want to keep buying and a reputation people want to be a part of.

“For us, serving our own customers is extremely important and to achieve that, we need to have a reliable fleet – Isuzu’s trucks have certainly ticked that box for us.”

According to Isuzu’s national sales manager, Les Spaltman, Hanson has played a major role in the success of the brand in Australia.

“Everyone at Hanson has been great to deal with over the journey and its fitting that we’re handing over one of our brand new FYJ 2000 Agitators as IAL’s 200,000th truck sold,” he said.

The FYJ Agitator has also been a key model for Isuzu in its quest to gain market share in segments of the market it isn’t as strong in.

“Since we released the comprehensive FY Series range in 2012, we’ve had some of our most encouraging sales results to date at the heavy end,” Spaltman added.

“Whilst we enjoy very strong market share in the light and medium-duty segments, European and American brands have traditionally had a strangle-hold on the heavy market.

“With the FYJ 2000 Agitator in particular, we identified a gap in the market and have managed to disrupt things somewhat, which is great to see.”

For Hanson, the 2000 FYJ is the only truck that stacks up to the company’s requirements for 30,000 to 35,000 kg GVM vehicles.

“The primary mode of transport across Hanson’s concrete operations is the twin-steer agitator trucks and for the last couple of years Isuzu has been the sole supplier of those vehicles to Hanson,” Tipping said.