Our latest Transport & Trucking has some fascinating stories for you.

Top of the tree is Kenworth’s new K220, the latest evolution of its  popular cab over model. This is now arguably the only uniquely Aussie designed, developed and built automotive product remaining in this country, and if you believe some stories possibly the very last K model. We went to the launch and had a brief but interesting drive.

 We have an extended drive  in Mack’s Anthem, covering around 1500km in the flagship of the Bulldog range. As well as that we drive the level 2 autonomous equipped Mercedes Benz Actros, a diesel not an electrical one, at least not yet.

The perennial truck market leader, Isuzu gave the truck press a chance to drive its entire range  recently and  we cover that along with a similar exercise with its number two competitor, Hino. Both Japanese makers produce excellent product that is getting better and better with evolution.

We also drive the latest MAN heavies at a launch in Brisbane and cover that along with a number of stories on operators from around the country.

We hope you enjoy the read, stay safe and we will catch you next time.