LDV is set to enter the most competitive sector of the Australian market in October, with distributor Ateco confirming an October launch date for the single and dual cab T60 utes.

The T60 was unveiled at last year’s Guangzhou International Motor Show in China, and will be available in both two and four wheel drive, manual and automatic and two trim versions in Australia.

Dual cab utes have become the most cut throat sector of the market in recent times, with Toyota’s Hilux topping the sales chart in 2016.

According the LDV’s general manager in Australia, Dinesh Chinnappa, the T60 will make the Chinese brand more appealing to regional markets.

“Since its launch in Australia LDV has focused on its van and people mover ranges with the V80 and then with the G10 van,” Chinnappa said.

“Sales of this type of vehicle are primarily in metro areas, so that is where we have concentrated our dealers and our business. But the T60 will have a much broader appeal across the whole country.

“The ute market is much bigger than the van market and it is booming. In preparation for the arrival of the T60 we are opening new dealers in country areas and enlarging our urban representation. There is little doubt that from day one, the T60 will be LDV’s best-selling model in Australia.”

The LDV T60 launch model line-up will include a range of turbo diesel powered 4WD dual cabs with both manual and automatic transmissions, as well as 2WD and 4WD cab chassis with manual transmissions.  There will be two trim and equipment levels to ensure coverage of the market from working business vehicles to recreational and family transport.

“This model line-up covers the significant part of the market and these versions will be joined by additional variants as required to meet changing market demands,” Chinnappa said.

The T60 will be powered by a 110kW 2.8L turbo diesel, and at 5.3m long and 1.9m wide will sit in the middle of the ute range. While LDV has confirmed there will be a range of variants, there is no word on price points.

“It is too early to provide specific price points for the new LDV T60 range but we are determined that it will build upon the value for money proposition of the LDV van range,” explained Chinnappa.

“The T60 will provide Australia ute buyers with a highly competitive new choice, whether they are looking for a working Ute or a recreational family vehicle. The T60 will become the top selling model in our range and significantly increase our sales volumes in Australia,” he added.