Mack is set to unveil a new Class-8 truck in less than two months and will continue to tease the public with an online campaign until then.

The US truck brand is uploading snippets of what to expect in the new generation highway model ahead of the 13 September ‘virtual launch’ on a dedicated microsite –

Local Mack sources say there is great anticipation about the details on the new generation truck but it is not yet known what relevance it will have to Australia.

“The new Mack is an exciting prospect as Mack updates don’t come along very often and it will take some time for things to filter through to Australia. However, local product engineers are currently looking over the new trucks and figuring out what they can take and use down under,” the source said.

“A lot of local product evaluation will have to be done before anything is launched in Australia.”

Vice president of global brand management and marketing John Walsh says the new model builds on Mack’s history of reliability.

“We have a long and storied history of building trucks that our customers can depend on, and I can tell you that this new model proudly carries on that tradition,” Walsh said.

“We’ve only just started to flow information about the new offer into the market, but the response has already been tremendous, and we look forward to continuing to unveil more in the weeks leading up to the launch on Sept. 13.”

The new model is also expected to be modernised but still recognisable according to senior vice president of sales in North America, Jonathan Randall.

“If you were to take the bulldog off the hood and you were to take the Mack nameplate off the grill, you would still look at that and, if you knew anything about trucks, you would be like, ‘That’s a Mack truck,’” he said.

As well as the new model, Mack is also introducing an updated interior to its Granite models.