Management shake up at Daimler Truck and Bus

Daimler Truck and Bus has  annouced a major shake-up in its management team at Clayton with the news that Richard Eyre will move out of the role of general manager of  Fuso to a new position entitled general manager of strategic partners and business development in Australia and  also regionally for Trucks Asia.

The changes have been made by managing director of Daimler Truck and Bus Australia, Daniel Whitehead and become effective  from  the 1st November.

Eyre, who has been in the GM role at Fuso for  almost 15 years, will be replaced by Justin Whitford  who has been in the role of the GM of  Mercedes Benz Truck and Bus.

When spoke with Daniel Whitehead  he made it clear that the management changes, specifically  the  move by  Richard Eyre  were about maximising  management effectiveness and in freeing Eyre  to do what he does best and that is to sell trucks.

“Richard is the best truck sales man in the country,” said Daniel Whitehead. “This move will allow Richard to concentrate on selling trucks  and taking to customers without the burden of having to run  Fuso,” he said. “We will share Richard with Fuso in Tokyo and he will spend half his time in Australia and half his time working in Asia, selling  and mentoring,” he added.

Importantly Justin Whitford’s move to Fuso will not see the brand move its office from Liverpool in Sydney to  the Daimler  HQ in Clayton  however Whitford will not move to Sydney and will remain based at  Clayton.

“I believer in having my management team close to me  and  in reality  Richard Eyre spent a huge amount of time on the road  so  not a lot will change in that regard,” said Daniel Whitehead. “We have a great team at Fuso and moving it to Melbourne doesn’t make sense,” he added.

Whitehead sang the praises of Justin Whitford  saying he has  impressed him with his performance in  running Mercedes Benz truck and bus.

“Justin is a real asset to this business and he will take his experience with Mercedes to Fuso,” he said.

Whitford’s place as GM of Mercedes Benz truck and bus will be taken by Michael May  who comes out of  one of Daimler’s retail operations.

“Michael May is also a really impressive guy, he has run one of our Select  dealerships  and also has engineering and product expertise that will be invaluable  in his new role,”  said Whitehead.  A replacement for May’s current role is yet to be announced.