Sydney’s new tunnel tollway, NorthConnex, needs to change its operating model according to the National Road Transport Association ( NaTRoad).

NatRoad has again called out the new underground motorway in Sydney’s North for the high toll cost and  the fact that it is going to require all heavy trucks to use the tollroad and the hefty cost that will go along with it.

NatRoad called on the NSW Government to postpone the introduction of new tolls for the mandatory NorthConnex tunnel when it commences operation in the coming months, however the organisation’s calls have so far come to naught.

While NatRoad’s calls have been rejected, it says the issue must urgently be addressed by Government.

When NorthConnex opens, it will be mandatory for most heavy vehicles to use the tunnel,  with most heavy vehicles prohibited from using Pennant Hills Road.

“The cost of tolls on a route that trucks will be forced to take is too high, especially in a time of crisis. For example, a single truck doing two return trips a day say from Newcastle to Sydney, five days a week for 48 weeks a year will accumulate $22,109 in tolls,” said Warren Clark, the CEO of NatRoad.

“Many road freight transport companies are doing it tough due to the pandemic, and the mandatory tolls added to businesses costs in turbulent times could cause many to go out of business.

“In addition, whilst most heavy vehicles are required by Government to use the tunnel and pay the toll, it is unclear how those who use Pennant Hills Road won’t be subjected to administrative overload by getting notices to show they were using the road lawfully. Heavy vehicles shouldn’t be forced to use the tunnel. It’s as simple as that,” he added.

“Whenever or wherever toll roads are built in Australia, road users should be given the choice of using a non-tolled road. The NSW Government will deny heavy vehicle operators and drivers that essential freedom if the current policy is maintained. It is an unacceptable policy, and NatRoad has not given up on calling on its urgent review,” Mr Clark concluded.