Navman has launched a new truck device that combines the functions of a dashcam with a navigation device that it claims is “the best dash cam for large vehicles Navman has ever built, and much more,”

Called the MiCam Truck, the device is built on an Android platform, and combines dash cam technology with thenavigation and safety alerts, along with live traffic on-the-go with ETAs, traffic delays, surrounding incidents and alternative routes, as well as the ability to make and take phone calls and even have incoming messages readaloud when it’s safe to do so.

Navman says the device’s Trip Planner includes B-Double, HAZMAT and truck routing that takes into considerationtruck specific warnings like low gear and no engine brake, and there is large vehicle assist to avoid narrowlaneways or low overpasses, as well as steep inclines.

The unit features a a large 7” pinch and zoom screen, and records in full HD 1080p and uses a Premium STARVIS low light sensor to capture details in all lighting conditions, as well as critical information on speed and direction ofimpact in an accident to protect against other drivers’ claims.

Free map updates including speed and safety camera alerts can be downloaded monthly via WIFI with no lock-in subscriptions required, making it convenient for drivers who are away from the office or home computer a lot.

Navman says the MiCam Truck has been designed to give truck drivers maximumflexibility in how they use the device. They can jump in the vehicle – without any route planned – and still get speed, red light and safety camera alerts against their exactlocation, as well as warnings about upcoming school zones or if there are changes in the road ahead, like bends or merging lanesor changes in road conditions. There is even a helpful new widget on screen that counts down the distance to thenext speed or red-light camera.

Drivers can also choose what they see on the screen to suit their preferences and needs – video, maps or other ‘at-a-glance’ navigation and safety features, like speed and safety camera alerts, premium alerts of things like upcoming bends in the road, merging lanes  or changes in road conditions.  It is easy to switch to different viewswithout toggling in and out from a main menu.  Guidance is clear and easy to see, with 3D landmarks seen and mentioned as part of the verbal directions, Advanced Lane Guidance to let you know the best lane to be in, and Landmark Guidance Plus so you never miss that turn.

Instead of inputting addresses into the device, truck drivers can also use the 7” pinch and zoom screen to identify a location on the map, ‘drop a pin’ and then receive directions on how to get there.

Wherever they are, drivers can find numerous points-of-interest at a touch from petrol stations to rest stops, cafes toaccommodation and can even save their favourite spots, whether it’s “weigh station” or Bunning’s, in the ‘one touch’ button to find the nearest branch.

Use of mobile phones by truck drivers came up time and again in Navman’s discussions with

road safety experts, and the company has worked hard to reduce the temptation for drivers

to touch their phone as one device complements the other.  Download the MiVUE Pro app to their phone and driverscan plan a route from anywhere and send it to the MiCam Truck before jumping in the cab and going.  There is alsothe option of not only safely and legally making and taking calls via Bluetooth but also having incoming phonemessages read aloud to drivers, a feature normally only seen on high end luxury vehicles.

The MiCam Truck is built to high specifications with quality components like the improved magnetic mount that snaps into place and brings the camera closer to the action and the lens. Navman always uses a glass dash cam lens, rather than the inferior plastic used in some competitor models, which means it will not warp or crackle. It has also been rigorously tested in a range of extreme temperatures from below freezing conditions to over 70° C specificallyfor Australian and New Zealand conditions.

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