dennis eagle elite 6 waste truck

The Australian waste collection industry is set to have an updated and improved offering to consider from Dennis Eagle.

And that new offering is set to be a little kinder to the environment.

Imported and distributed in Australia by Penske Australia, the Dennis Eagle product has made steady progress in the Australian market in recent years.

That progress could gather pace in coming years after a big shake-up in the waste collection industry following the announcement the long-dominant Iveco ACCO was no longer going to be built in Australia.

Now, there’s a new-look, upgraded and enhanced, Dennis Eagle coming into the market too.

Set to be officially unveiled at the Waste 2022 Conference in Coffs Harbour next week is what’s called the Elite 6 Dennis Eagle.

As the name implies, the Elite 6 (as pictured above) is Euro 6 compliant. 

To be offered locally in both right-hand steer and dual control variants, Shannon Mair, head of fleet at Penske Australia, says the features of the new offering are unrivaled.

“Dennis Eagle was an early adopter of Euro 6 emission engines and also offers a technologically-agnostic glider platform that can be used with carbon-reducing technology such as natural gas, battery-electric, or hydrogen power.”

The new Dennis Eagle Elite 6 also boasts upgraded headlights, emergency braking, and electronic stability control as standard.

“When you add these advanced driver assistance systems to what is fundamentally a very safe truck with best-in-class visibility, easy ingress and egress, efficiency, and a pre-legislated Euro 6 engine, this results in a truck that is clearly heads and shoulders above the rest.”

How good is the visibility from the Dennis Eagle driver’s seat? Well, the offering recently became the only truck to gain a five-star direct vision standard rating from Transport for London.

“This great new product is backed by outstanding support from our Penske-owned and independent dealer network.” Mr. Mair said.

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