New N Series will tick all the safety boxes says Isuzu

Perennial Australian truck market leader Isuzu  says its new revised N Series light duty range, due for release next month, will take truck safety to a whole new level with a range of electronic systems to help keep drivers and other road users safer.

The new N Series will include a comprehensive safety suite with the introduction of Isuzu Electronic Stability Control or IESC. Further completing this safety package is an anti-slip regulator or ASR control upgrade on models with IESC.

IESC will be fitted to all NLR, NNR and NPR models and uses a range of on-board sensors to help detect and correct any unexpected loss of control.

Data is continuously fed to an electronic hydraulic control unit, which then limits torque and/or independently brakes the vehicle to avoid the impending incident. Speed, brake performance, steering angle, suspension geometry and rotation angle are all taken into account.

The IESC system works in conjunction with a number of other safety technologies, including anti-lock braking, electronic brake force distribution and anti-slip regulation. Where fitted, Hill Start Assist prevents vehicle roll-back when starting off on an incline, further simplifying the driving task.

Isuzu Australia national sales manager, Andrew Harbison, said the elevated safety specification of the 2015 N Series trucks would lead to sales opportunities.

“What we find in the new N Series is a complete solution that ticks every box,” he said.

“The availability of enhanced safety features across the new 2015 Isuzu N Series range will bring the highest quality safety technology within the grasp of many fleets and owner drivers.

“As the Australian truck market leaders, Isuzu trucks are justifiably the first choice of many operators. And as these new N Series models go into service, they will play their part in making a safer, more advanced working environment available to more and more of Australia’s truck drivers.”

Isuzu has scheduled the national media launch of the N Series range for mid-August and will have all the coverage as soon as it is revealed.