The NHVR has approved another two Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs bringing the total number of different systems truck operators can use to four, following  the approval in December of the Step Global and Teletrac Navman solutions.

NHVR announced it had gave the green light to Netstar Australia’s Garmin Fleet 7XX Series  for use from the 11th January  and added MTData’s Talon and Swift system, running on either a Samsung Galaxy Active Tab or Samsung Galaxy Active Tab 2, as the EWD option, which can be used as an official record for heavy vehicle driver work and rest hours from a 18th January.

NHVR Chief Regulatory Policy and Standards Officer, Don Hogben said it’s important that drivers check the NHVR website to ensure they’re using an approved EWD,” Mr Hogben said.

An EWD is an electronic recording system, approved by the NHVR, to record the work and rest times of a driver, and is a voluntary alternative to the traditional Written Work Diary.

The introduction of EWDs means drivers can now record their work and rest hours by pressing a button, rather than spending time ruling lines and counting multiple time periods on multiple pieces of paper.

Some EWDs also include features, such as alerts, to assist drivers to manage their compliance with work and rest rules.

Drivers must continue to carry their Written Work Diary for a transition period, to ensure that they comply with the requirement of carrying 28 days of records.

Any issues with EWDs may be reported to the NHVR by phone or using a website form at www.nhvr.gov.au/contact-us To stay up to date with approved EWDs and their conditions of use visit