The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has announced it has OK’d a new Electronic Work Diary (EWD) option along with  approval for an additional device for an existing EWD.

The NHVR says it has approved Logmaster Australia as the eighth EWD provider to expand access for EWD technology for the heavy vehicle industry.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the EWD options available now allows the industry to better manage fatigue risks and choose the most suitable solution for their business.

“Drivers are switching over to using EWDs since we approved the first system in 2020, and it’s great to see Logmaster is offering another new options,” Petroccitto said.

“The Logmaster platform includes features such as digital pre-start driver forms, night and day modes and national usability.

“It’s available on Android and iOS operating systems, so drivers and companies can use most modern devices.”

While doing this, the NHVR also approved the use of Netstar Australia’s EWD option on an additional device.

Netstar Australia’s EWD can now be used on the Samsung SM-T575, also known as the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3.

“With more choice comes greater uptake and we are now working with technology providers to develop innovative ways to encourage increased use of EWDs across the industry,” Petroccitto says.

The NHVR has reminded drivers that when switching to an EWD, they must continue to carry their written work diary for a transition period to comply with the requirement to carry 28 days of records.

The NHVR says it’s also important to continue checking the NHVR website to ensure they’re using an NHVR-approved EWD.