Daimler is embracing 3D printing technology with Mercedes-Benz Trucks printing the first square parts made of metal – a thermostat cover.

The new component has passed all of the company stringent quality checks and according to head of operations in customer services and parts, Andreas Deuschle, makes Merc the leader in the 3D printing segment.

“With the introduction of 3D metal printing technology, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is reasserting its pioneering role among global commercial vehicle manufacturers. We ensure the same functionality, reliability, durability and cost-effectiveness with 3D metal parts as we do with conventionally produced parts,” he said.

In the Customer Services & Parts division of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, automotive 3D printing began its increasing success in the production departments for the after-sales and replacement parts business a year ago.

Since then, Customer Services & Parts has worked together with the researchers and pre-developers at Daimler AG to constantly improve and expand the use of the latest 3D printing processes for plastic parts.

3D printing of high-quality plastic components has now successfully established itself as an additional production method and is particularly suitable for the production of smaller batches.