The World has changed since COVID and ask just about anyone in the road transport industry and they’ll probably tell you our industry has had to cope with an even greater shift in the status quo.

One business that has embraced that change is Rangeview Transport.

Operating a fleet of 27 vehicles, of which 20 proudly carry the Scania badge, the plant transport business now has depots in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, and Adelaide.

Running near to capacity in the last couple of years, more new Scania’s are about to enter the Rangeview Transport fleet.

Managing Director Matt Borkowski (pictured below) says the business has a 25-year history but is very much moving with the times, especially around harnessing technology to reduce costs and better utilise assets.

“Traditionally we focussed on transporting plants, but now if we see there’s spare capacity in the trailers, we have been using online freight booking service providers to connect us with people who need general – and increasingly refrigerated-freight moved.”

“Our trucks must leave on time, so it is up to us to make sure the trailers are full.”

So, with plenty of demand, and with flexibility and reliability being at the core of the operation in 2024, adding more Scanias was an easy decision, according to Matt.

“We have one of almost everything in the Scania fleet, we have 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, and 8×4 configurations, most of which are six cylinder-powered with a few older V8s.

There’s a new R 660 V8 on order which will be hooked up to a road train combination, as well as a new 560 G rigid SUPER as well.”

Aside from the quality of the Scania product, Matt tells us it’s the aftersales service that is just as big an attraction.

“All the Scania trucks are on Repair and Maintenance contracts, which gives us full predictability and visibility of costs. I know exactly how much the fleet costs to keep on the road each month, and if there’s a breakdown, I know Scania will get the vehicle fixed promptly.”

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