Leading US technology company Rockwell Automation, has announced the opening of a major new 750sq. metre Electric Vehicle Innovation Centre in San Jose, California, as a part of its Information Solutions development facility. 

The company says new centre will provide live manufacturing demonstrations, hands-on trials utilising new technology and events showcasing collaboration with industry experts and Rockwell Automation partners.

It company says that the EV Innovation Centre will use augmented and virtual reality modeling to provide automotive start-ups and established manufacturers an environment to learn new technologies and standards to deliver electric vehicles to market faster, with less risk and at lower cost.

It added that the combination of Rockwell Automation technology along with partner technology what makes the centre unique. 

“With growing global consumer demand, electric vehicle companies are challenged to meet aggressive production timelines,” said John Kacsur, Rockwell Automation’s vice president, automotive and tyre Industries,. 

“We established the Electric Vehicle Innovation Center to expand their possibilities and get their products to consumers quickly and at the lowest possible cost, while operating more efficiently.

“It’s an immersive experience that helps customers develop and realise The Connected Enterprise — our vision for smart manufacturing that enables customers to leverage data and achieve positive business outcomes,” said Kacsur. 

“With more than 4,000 successfully designed, installed and commissioned automotive manufacturing projects, Rockwell Automation knows how to help EV manufacturers get to market faster and better manage enterprise risks.”

Kacsur said that the EV Center supports digitalisation efforts not only for auto and tire customers but for customers in all industries. Customers are welcome to visit the EV Center and consult with industry experts.

By 2040, it’s expected that 54 per cent of new vehicle sales will be electric vehicles, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Batteries currently represent a third of the cost of an EV.

 Rockwell says that as battery costs continue to fall, demand for EVs will rise, with up to 40 million new EV batteries needed annually to power new vehicles.