Heavy vehicle regulator, the NHVR has  revealed that it reached a significant milestone in the past week, announcing that its national network map is now available through what it describes as its next generation route planner,  or NGRP.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto, said the transition of its national network map into the route planner had been an important goal since the NGRP’s release in April 2022.

“The route planner has always been intended to support the National Network Map, to allow industry to more seamlessly plan and manage journeys across borders,” said Petroccitto.

Petroccitto said that by integrating the national network map into the route planner, all vehicle networks will be kept up to date.

“Where previously map updates were delayed, now the NGRP will immediately reflect updates published by road managers to the national network map,” he said.

“The maps are displayed as layers for different vehicle networks., with industry operators able to overlay networks across state borders, as well as within borders, to determine the most efficient route for their journey.

“Over the coming months, extra functionality will become available to industry to allow routes to be planned by vehicle combination, with a view of the full access available to an operator’s fleet under vehicle network maps and their access permits.”

Petroccitto said with the introduction of the national network map, the road manager maintenance of heavy vehicle network maps would progressively move directly into the NHVR portal.

“Road managers now have web-based tools in the NHVR portal to update these maps and publish updates in near real-time.”

The NHVR  says its portal is the digital platform that ‘transforms the way the NVHR delivers its services, supporting stakeholders, their outcomes and community needs, and influencing the safety and productivity of the heavy vehicle industry’.

It says that the portal is evolving to deliver what it describes as a seamless experience for operators and road managers alike, claiming that improvements are being made to create a single entry for industry and local government to access the NHVR’s services and manage their respective assets, which it says includes providing the central point to the national automated access system (NAAS) and the entry and exit point for permit applications.

Throughout 2024 and into 2025, the NHVR  says it will continue delivering technology upgrades that can be found through the Portal to ensure a safer and more efficient heavy vehicle industry.

The NGRP can be accessed via this link here.