Scania has taken victory in a major European truck magazine contest to  find the most fuel efficient truck in Europe as part of its European truck Challenge.

The Challenge conducted by German magazine, Truck & Trailer Welt, saw Scania’s 420 R prime mover using Super-based powertrain take a decisive victory in the fuel efficient segment of the major German comparison test for long-haul trucks.

The European Truck Challenge saw the Scania Super  win the fuel efficiency contest by about  4.9 per cent over its nearest rival.

 “This is yet more proof of Scania’s industry-leading position as the most fuel-efficient brand,” said Julian Modro, head of industry solutions, Scania Trucks.

“Tests like this by independent journalists confirm what thousands of customers experience in their daily operations: our Super trucks have a clear edge in fuel consumption over the competition and bring substantial CO2 reductions,”  Modro said.

The ETC comparison this year, focused on long-haul prime movers with up to 450 hp and torque in the range of 2,200 to 2,400 Nm.

All the major manufacturers in Europe were invited to participate in the German test, which took place on roads south of Hanover at the end of May.

There were three brands which put their trucks on the starting line, with  Scania, DAF and Mercedes-Benz.

Scania chose to enter its 420 R long-haul prime mover with a sleeper cab.  Although it have the lowest horsepower rating in the field, the Scania did boast the highest torque with 2,300 Nm. The average gross train weight of the truck and trailer combinations in the test was 33.6 tonnes.

“Truck and Trailer Welt run the European Truck Challenge on public roads and use a mix of different road characteristics,” explained Modro.

“Their test mimics what truck customers are facing on a daily basis; the only difference is that disturbances like traffic jams are cut out from the final results for the sake of comparability. What this level of fuel savings means for hauliers fighting increased fuel costs and rising in­terest rates is obvious: for a long-haul truck that is driven for 150,000 km a year, the fuel cost saving compared with the second best truck is in the 3,000 Euro bracket.”

The prize for the most fuel-efficient truck was awarded to Scania by Truck and Trailer Welt at a prize ceremony held in conjunction with the big NUFAM fair in Karlsruhe, Germany. Dutch truck manu­facturer DAF received the “Drivers’ Choice” award for its XF 450 truck.