The South Australian government has announced that Transit Systems, which operates in SA as Torrens Transit,has retained its existing bus passenger transport contracts with SA Transport, as well as securing a fourthcontract in Adelaide’s outer north region.

The existing North South Contract Area which has been retained, includes bus and light rail services, and will bedelivered in joint venture with John Holland Group Pty Ltd and UGL Pty Ltd.

The contracts will commence in early July 2020,  Clint Feuerherdt Group CEO said  the company is ‘excited tobring their world class innovations to the local market, including high frequency services throughout the term ofthe contract’.

“We passionately believe that if we make public transport more reliable and convenient, we will attract more passengers on board, which is why we seek to improve connectivity, performance and patronage in all of our contract areas,” he said.

For the North South region, Mr Feuerherdt said it has been designed as a fully integrated bus and Tram network, where both modes work together – complementing each other.

“Between high frequency services, and integrated bus and tram outcomes, we will open up new destinations on the public transport network for customers,” he said.

The addition of the tram contract secures SeaLink Travel Group’s place as one of Australia’s most experiencedand diverse multi-modal transport operators, boasting performance-driven capabilities across ferry, bus and tram operations.

Mr Feuerherdt, said there would be a stream of service innovations implemented in due course, with publicconsultation beginning soon.

“The new tender has allowed us to bring in our global best practice experience, matched with our local market

knowledge and history, to truly create a tailored series of network improvements for Adelaide.

“It’s a very unique opportunity for residents of Adelaide, to have one of Australia’s leading multi-modal transport operators based right here. It means we are not making assumptions or guessing – we know the market, we know transport and we are confident we can continue to improve performance and not just attract more passengers onboard, but get them to where they are going safely, and more enjoyably,” he said.

Torrens Transit has partnered with UGL and John Holland to ensure world class tram service delivery.

UGL Managing Director Jason Spears said: “UGL has a strong reputation for operations and maintenance of heavy and light rail across Australia. This contract extends our light rail operations and maintenance capabilityalongside our Adelaide heavy rail presence. We look forward to providing a safe and quality operation for thepeople of Adelaide.”