In this issue of Transport &  Trucking Australia we have an interesting mix of yarns from across the industry.  We take a look and a drive of  the latest updated version of Isuzu’s market leading  N Series, which now  is equipped with a full safety suite, allowing the market leader to at least be on the same level as its close Japanese rivals Hino and Fuso, which have had similar tech for the past three or four years. Still its foo that our three top selling truck brands all have the latest safety systems in place now.

We take a drive in Fuso’s latest flagship Shogun prime mover, a very capable and surprising truck boasting a ‘Daimler Family’ 13litre with 510 horsepower that gives it some real bite and will put it on the shopping list of a wider number of operators across the industry.

Along with those stories we also visit some operators across various sectors, including a bee keeper who hauls his buzzing hives across a wide spread of NSW and Victoria using a new  Mercedes Benz Arocs. We also look at a UD equipped skip bin operator and a landscape supplies company  that loves its automatic Hinos.

All that and a whole lot more in this issue of Transport & Trucking, so settle back and enjoy the read.