From a road transport perspective, the Coffs Harbour Bypass in NSW is one of the most important road projects happening anywhere in Australia.

Taking traffic along the key transport route between Sydney and Brisbane away from the centre of busy Coffs Harbour will save time and make for a safer journey for vehicles big and small.

It’s a big job – 14 kilometres of new double-lane road need to be built.

But, the guys and girls building the important upgrade of the Pacific Highway are concerned that both cars and heavy vehicles aren’t adhering to speed limits and safety protocols along the busy construction zone.

Transport for NSW Regional Director North Anna Zycki said the temporary speed zones and access restrictions were in place for a reason – to keep motorists and the people working on the new Coffs Harbour bypass safe.

“We want to help road users safely navigate roads near the project’s work zone and effectively plan their journeys,”

“This is why we are asking people to ACT – be aware, be cautious and allow more time to get to their destination.

“Work is generally carried out Monday to Saturday and on some nights, so motorists must be vigilant and patient the whole time.”

Another good reason to ensure that you are watching your speed through the road works is constant changes to traffic conditions around the points where the existing highway alignment meets the new works.

“On Monday 15 April the right turn into Solitary Islands Way, Sapphire Beach from the Pacific Highway northbound carriageway closed permanently,” Ms Zycki said.

“This allowed for Pacific Highway traffic to be shifted slightly east so the team can build the new western lanes for the bypass.”

Ms Zycki said concrete super T girders, which form the base of the new bridge decks, would also be delivered from Macksville to bridge sites from late May.

“Due to their size we will be using oversize and over-mass trucks and, where required, pilot vehicles,” Ms Zycki said.

“The first bridge girders will be delivered to the new bridge over Newports Creek in North Boambee.

“These super T girders will be delivered via North Boambee Road outside of school pick-up and drop-off times.

“Please be cautious around these large vehicles as they are unable to stop quickly and may require pilots to help them through tight intersections.”