Volgren has revealed that more than 60  employees are participating in a company-wide apprenticeship initiative which it says  is designed to upskill and develop staff in the areas of automotive manufacturing, electrical technology and supply chain.

The company says that all participants who successfully complete the program will receive a nationally recognised Certificate III.

CEO of Volgren, Thiago Deiro, said the company was committed to investing in its staff, and this apprenticeship scheme was another example of that commitment.

“We’re offering opportunities and pathways through on-the-job learning and development programs that lead to nationally recognised qualifications. Our aim is to reward those people dedicated to the business by making sure they have formal qualifications that match their talent and expertise.”

Deiro said that 18-month program, which is already underway, coincides with a tightening labour market, as well as a significant technological shift within the bus sector.

 “There’s a national shortage in skilled workers at the moment, especially in the manufacturing industry. This program aims to build upon and consolidate skills within the organisation.

 “It will also make a big difference as Australia transitions to a zero-emission economy, and as the demand for electric buses increases. These buses require a specific set of skills and knowledge to manufacture, and the program will help our staff acquire and advance such skills and knowledge.”

Deiro said that the company was proud of its people, their dedication, and had placed a strong emphasis on human resources for some time. 

“We’ve put a lot of time and effort into our human resources function over the last several years, and will continue to do so in the future. We’re a company that believes in meritocracy; we celebrate and promote those who perform well, the people who help to enhance our already exceptional reputation.

 “We know that as we implement new processes and new products, the best way of making a smooth transition is by nurturing committed and engaged employees. This program is another example of how we’re doing that.”

 The project will take place over 18 months and will include trades such as assembler, fabricator, welders-boilermaker and auto electrician.

Deiro said that even at this early stage the program has been well-received.

“What I’ve heard from those who’ve commenced the program is that they’re excited to begin the journey and appreciate the opportunity.

“Onsite and online sessions began earlier this year and we’re already receiving a lot of positive feedback from trainees.”

Volgren is always looking for new apprentices. If you or someone you know is interested in the four-year apprentice program through Volgren, contact