Volvo Group steps up to meet demand

With new truck sales in Australia set to hit a new record total in 2022 manufacturers are struggling to keep pace with supply.

Volvo Trucks, which manufactures trucks in Brisbane for the Aussie market, are going to need more trucks than can be screwed together at their local facility.

And the big-selling Swedish brand is going to extraordinary lengths to make sure they can get their customers into a new Volvo this year.

How far are they going?

Try leasing their own ship just to get their products from their overseas plants to Australia!

Martin Merrick is the President and CEO of Volvo Group Australia, he’s just told a Linfox meeting in Melbourne that the ship will exclusively carry Volvo trucks and parts to our shoreline.

The Volvo Group chartered ship will be a roll-on, roll-off vessel similar to the one pictured above.

The fully-completed trucks (or CBUs – Completely Built Up Units) will be sourced from Volvo plants in both Sweden and the Middle-East (Saudi Arabia).

We’ll keep you updated with further details on this move as additional details come to hand.