Virtual Reality was flavour of the month at the Brisbane Truck Show, with several brands using the technology to lure people to their stands, but Scania is out to prove it’s more than a promotional gimmick.

Swedish transport company Kjell & Aste Larsson is using virtual reality technology to replace the crane cabin on its logging trailer – instead featuring the Hiab HiVision system on the R 730 Scania.

The system sees driver and operator Mattias Johansson use a virtual reality headset and joysticks in the passenger seat of his truck to control the crane instead.

The crane is fitted with cameras and gives Johansson a higher vantage point than a traditional crane as well as offering a range of other benefits.

“This crane is 25,000 to 30,000 Swedish kroner cheaper than a regular one because the crane cabin costs about that,” Johansson said.

“With this system, we also save 400 kg, which means we can load 400 kg more on our vehicle.”

Alongside weight and cost savings, Johansson says the ExTe timber bunks save him time when loading and unloading, as he can secure the load with the press of a button.

“It took five to six weeks before I felt I got the hang of it but I’m learning new things every day,” he added.