Surely oner of the most perplexing corporate interplays of recent times has been the supposed disappearance of Caltex from the service station market, replaced with Ampol signage, but the Caltex brand is back, with the company saying that it never really went away.


The short version of a long story is that Caltex is a global brand owned by US based company, Chevron – which it says is one of the world’s “leading integrated energy companies with a 70-year history in Australia”.


To explain the Caltex brand was previously used by Ampol under an exclusive brand license, however that is now no longer exclusive and from 2023 the Caltex brand will be solely used by Chevron in Australia.


Back in 2020, Chevron also purchased the Puma Energy fuel business in Australia and that’s why you might have noticed established Caltex stations rebranding to Ampol, and selected Puma locations rebranding to new Caltex service stations.


Chevron says it plans for Caltex to deliver  “high quality products at fair prices through a wide-reaching distribution network”.


“Guided by the vision to be the global energy company most admired for their people, partnership and performance, they’ll offer quality fuels and industry-leading premium lubricants with great benefits,” said Chevron in a statement this week.


The company said it will be launching its new fuel brand, Techron, which it says has a ‘specially formulated engine-cleaning additive’ that will be available across all fuel grades at the new Caltex service stations.


It claims Techron removes dirt and prevents deposits from forming, helping to improve performance and enhancing engine life.


On the lubrication side, Caltex will be marketing Havoline oils for petrol motors and Delo oils for diesels, which it says will  continue to be available for every kind of industrial operation – from mining to agriculture, power generation to construction, trucking to global marine, and with a broad distribution network.


Caltex says it is committed to the Australian market and making its products available to customers where and when they need them.


“Whether you’re running the family car, the farm or the company fleet, Caltex is there to support you with expert advice and fuel equipment solutions, quality bulk fuel supply, premium engine oils and reliable lubricants,” the company said


The company says operators can speak with local distributor and find out more about Caltex fuels and lubricants at www.caltex.com/au/business-solutions