Scania its roll out of new products and services announcing the latest instalment last week, the new G cab and new five-cylinder engines.

The new additions include the first G20 sleeper cabs for long haul use and in-line 9–litre power plants.

Scania Australia says we will be getting the all-new 9-litre engine and G cab down under but dates for their release are yet to be confirmed.

Available as a low, normal and high roof truck, the Scania G will initially be available as a sleeper cab. With a new lower seating position that is also further forward, the new G not only has a larger sleeping area, it is also more suited to metropolitan and distribution use.

Internal ceiling height has been increased by 10cm, while in the G series highline trucks there is now an additional 16cm of headspace over the previous model.

Meanwhile the 9-litre engine comes in 280hp, 320hp, and 360hp ratings and feature increased compression ratios and cylinder pressures for a more efficient combustion resulting in a claimed fuel saving of up to three per cent.

The brand aims to better performance and services while focussing on the increased productivity and lower cost of ownership costs.

“Scania has significantly more on its introduction schedule for 2017 than there was during the extremely intense 2016 launch,” said senior vice president of sales and marketing at Scania Trucks, Alexander Vlaskamp.

“We’re now rapidly filling our new range with products and services so that the majority of customers can tailor solutions around Scania’s new generation of trucks, regardless of what application their truck is used for.”

Since last year, Scania has been focussing on the long-distance market and connectivity and Vlaskamp believes the market is responding well to the developments Scania has launched.

“We live in an exciting time. The response to the new generation has been extremely positive and has included everything from awards to wins in important press tests, along with a strong flow of customers leading to increased sales and new records,” he said.

“I can reveal that we will then be focusing particularly on those applications operating with the toughest challenges, and also on how Scania’s focus on tailor-made solutions can grow customers’ profitability.”