The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has just released an updated version of its wide-ranging policy charter.

And there are some fairly ambitious goals set in that charter for the Australian road transport industry and the next Federal Government.

Some of these goals outlined in the charter include:

  • A 25% reduction of crashes involving trucks per year.
  • The Australian Government funding and operating all major freight roads.
  • An additional 10-year, $5 billion truck roads and rest area program.
  • The Euro VI emission standard or the equivalent US/Japanese standards for new trucks.
  • A purchase incentive for zero-emission trucks.
  • The introduction of controls on toll road and port access charges.

While there also renewed calls from the ATA for the Australian Transport Safety Bureau to start conducting safety investigations of truck crashes.

David Smith is the Chair of the ATA, he says over the past three decades the industry has come a long way, but there are many challenges ahead that need government support.

“Significant improvements have been made in safety, productivity and infrastructure. But the ATA is concerned that safety and productivity outcomes are stagnating. 

“COVID has forced the nation to review our supply chains for goods and services. For the transport industry, this has been challenging and frustrating.

“As Australia heads into a federal election, the ATA believes the relationship between this industry and governments needs to be reset.

“The ATA supports an engaging, collaborative and positive relationship in the national interest.”

Check out the ATA 2022 Policy Charter here.