Mack Trucks has revealed that it will mark the 60th anniversary of building Macks in Australia, by attempting to break a world record for the largest truck  made entirely from Lego bricks.

Some might say the Bulldog has gone barking mad but creating a full size Mack from Lego is capturing plenty of attention.

The Volvo Group owned and controlled truck brand has commissioned the Lego build of the lifesize replica of its Anthem model and expects to use more than one million Lego bricks in the process.

Mack will be chasing the Guinness World Record for the largest truck made from Lego bricks with the creation set to measure  four metres tall, two metres wide and eight metres long,

Mack has called in, Ben Craig, a professional Lego brick builder to create the replica and he has been working on the project for the past month with another month ahead before it breaks cover at the Brisbane Truck Show in May.

As well as the weeks of arduous building work the project has had months of planning, using 3D designs and detailing even down to matching the genuine Mack paint finishes, and the model will aim to be as close to the original as possible, with a  steering wheel, and the ability for people able to sit in the driver’s seat.

While it takes up to eight days to build  an Anthem at the Volvo Mack facility at Wacol in Brisbane, that pales into insignificance when compared with the replica’s  around two month build time in for the Brisbane Truck Show in May.