Queensland transport operator, Richers Transport,  has said that Mack’s Anthem is not only exceeding driver expectations,  but also paying significant fuel efficiency dividends.

Richers based in Maryborough took delivery of one of the first Mack Anthem prime movers off the Mack Wacol production line, and since then, it’s racked up more than 200,000 km. Another three Anthems have since joined the fleet in recent months.

Richers has a diverse customer base, carry anything from particle board and timber to alcohol, groceries and general freight and the fleet covers a lot of ground, with trucks going as far afield as Cairns or Adelaide often running at B-double weights of 64 tonne.

The company q00 strong fleet of trucks features a lot of examples of the Mack brand. In fact, more than 90 per cent of the Richers fleet carry the bulldog branding.

“For our type of work, we’re mainly concentrating on drivability, fuel economy and safety,” says Tom Richers, Operations Manager Richers Transport, “Fuel and running costs are extremely important in our business it’s what keeps us competitive.

“We choose to go with Mack for the drivability, they’re great for the drivers, for fuel economy, and are equipped with a good safety package. They’re great from a maintenance perspective as well, this truck hasn’t spent a day off the road that wasn’t planned.

“Since we’ve taken delivery of the Mack Anthem it’s really performed well, and we think it’s a fleet leader in fuel.

“This truck carries some heavy loads, and the fuel economy is currently sitting on two kilometres to the litre which is 0.2 of a kilometre per litre better than the previous model and over the life of the vehicle those savings really add up.”

“As more drivers and operators climb behind the wheel of the Mack Anthem the more positive feedback we are getting”, says Tom Chapman, Vice President, Mack Trucks Australia.

“Performance, driveability and fuel efficiency are consistent standouts. This truck represents a uniquely Australian mix of technological advancement and rugged durability and I’m proud to see it delivering value and efficiency to our customers. It really is a great bit of gear.”