Navistar’s CatalIST demonstration has delivered an unexpected result in the US Department of Energy’s SuperTruck project, improving freight efficiency by a 104 per cent – double the target of the program.

The CatalIST achieved fuel mileage of 13mpg with 50.3 per cent brake thermal efficiency.

According to vice president of product development at Navistar, Mark Stasell, the project shows the industry can be more efficient.

“The CatalIST’s significant improvements in freight efficiency, achieved with the support of DOE’s SuperTruck program, demonstrate tremendous potential for reduction in the trucking industry’s consumption of energy,” said Stasell.

“In addition, a number of the technology innovations we have achieved through the program are already being implemented in production vehicles today.”

The CatalIST also saw Navistar improve integration of its N13 engine, develop a new hybrid front suspension and composite rear suspension, and aerodynamic improvements through replacing mirrors with cameras, a new sloped windscreen design and wedged cab, and a 30 per cent improvement in the trailer drag coefficient.