Allison Transmission has announced  that in partnership with several leading global OEMs, it has entered production with its next generation electronic controls platform.
Allison says the new gen electronic controls platform is built on its four decades of evolution and experience, and combined with what it describes as a state of the art microprocessor and software operating system technology, The company said the new electronic controls platform is capable of delivering advanced communications, functional safety, cybersecurity and over-the-air programming.
According to Allison multiple OEMs have partnered with it to build the first commercial vehicles equipped with Allison’s next generation platform of electronic controls.
Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) has collaborated with Allison to build its first walk-in vans equipped with this next generation electronic controls platform, with full production planned to begin in the Northern Hemisphere spring.
It says the additional OEM partners such as Mack Trucks, Prevost, and MAN are leading the transition to this next generation of Allison electronic controls, in an effort to realise the state of the art capabilities enabled by this platform. Allison expects all OEM partners to transition to this controls platform by the conclusion of January 2023.
“Many of the advanced technologies and capabilities offered through Allison’s next generation electronic controls platform are at the forefront of commercial vehicle industry adoption”, said Ryan Milburn, vice president of product engineering at Allison Transmission.
“The capabilities require integration at a vehicle system level. System and vehicle level integration expertise is a core competency and differentiator for Allison and we are proud to deliver these next generation capabilities in partnership with our global OEM customers,”  he said.
The company said  that  numerous hardware and software enhancements were required to support the capabilities offered by the new controls platform, including: a new control module, push button shift selector, as well as a new software operating system, controls and calibration software and cyber security infrastructure.
Allison says that at launch, the next generation platform will support Allison’s 1000 through 4000 Series product portfolio, as well as Allison’s eGen Power electrified propulsion solutions.