Swedish truck and bus maker Scania has launched a new suite of digitally connected services, known as Scania One.

The new platform comes as the brand celebrates a quarter of a million vehicles using connectivity offerings, with 2000 of them in Australia.

According to CEO of Scania, Henrik Henriksson the entire industry is constantly searching for sustainability gains.

“The world of heavy transport stands on the brink of a fundamental shift towards sustainable transport. Digitalisation and connectivity will play a pivotal role in enabling this shift,” Henriksson said.

“We continue to get a growing share of our revenue from connectivity and other new areas. This past year we saw about 5% of our top line directly or indirectly depending on connected vehicles.”

Through Scania One, fleet owners and drivers will have access to the most relevant connected services that can simplify and improve their transport assignments. It constitutes an open customer platform for existing and future Scania services as well as external content in Scania’s Android tablet device.

Executive vice president and head of sales and marketing at Scania, Christian Levin explained the new One platform brings together all the tools relevant to fleet owners.

“Scania One is our framework for seamlessly and efficiently integrating both current and future services in a single environment,” Levin said.

“I am convinced that these services, taken together, will significantly contribute towards greater efficiency and thereby higher revenues for transport companies.”

Scania One features Scania Fleet Management, the comprehensive monitoring and analytical system that provides fleet owners with an overview of equipment and drivers.

It offers in-depth data on performance and fuel consumption and service needs.

Scania’s connectivity also uses real time data to optimise a flow and predict for the specific route, and for the specific customer, how to get the most out of each vehicle.

Connectivity also enables real-time updates on weather conditions, obstacles on the road, and other hazards that might pose a safety risks.