Mercedes-Benz Trucks  in Germany has announced its eActros electric truck has been approved as a truck-and-trailer combination with a total weight of  up to 40 tonnes.

The company said that it is already accepting orders for this eActros  in truck trailer configuration, while the first truck has now been deployed with transport company, Logistik Schmitt in the northern Black Forest region of Germany, for the next phase of endurance testing.

According to the manufacturer, since the start of testing in 2019, the eActros has covered more than 70,000 kilometers  on more than 7,000 trips. In the new phase of testing, it will continue to transport transmission housings and axle components to Daimler Truck plants in Rastatt and Gaggenau as part of a three-shift schedule, covering up to 300 km  daily in the process.

The standard version of the Mercedes-Benz eActros (eActros 300 and eActros 400 with respectively 336 kWh and 448 kWh battery) entered production at the Wörth plant in Germany in October 2021. In July 2022, it was joined by the municipal version – Mercedes-Benz eEconic.

Rainer Schmitt, Managing Partner at Logistik Schmitt notes that the truck-and-trailer combination with a total weight of 40 tonnes not only offers a higher total weight, but also significantly more transport volume – which in many applications is more important than weight.

Until the Mercedes-Benz eActros LongHaul semi, which is currently undergoing tests, hits the road proper when production is scheduled for from early 2024, this current truck-and-trailer combination is the largest electric vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz Trucks lineup.

Mercedes  will offer two battery/range options  with wither three times  or four time 112 kWh packs. The eActros 300 boasts  336 kWh with 291 kWh usable, while the eActros 400 boasts 448 kWh with 388 kWh usable,  for up to 400 km of range.

“The range was determined internally in optimum conditions, including 4 battery packs after preconditioning in partially loaded distribution traffic without a trailer at 20 °C outside temperature,” according to the company.

With a GVm of top to 40 tonnes it will be available at launch  as a two-axle or a three-axle truck, with system output of up to 400 kW peak and 330 kW continuous.

The e-axle is integrated two electric motors, which are coupled with a two-speed transmission, while the truck  is capable of fast charging at up to 160 kW continuous  and over 200 kW peak. This means the eActros 300 can be charged from  20 per cent  to 80 per cent in a little bit over one hour in optimum conditions.