Mercedes-Benz Actros 1863 LS 4x2, Exterieur, antikrot metallic, L-Fahrerhaus, SoloStar Concept, GigaSpace, OM 473 Euro VI mit 460 kW (625 PS), 15,6 L Hubraum, 12-Gang Mercedes PowerShift 3, Act ive Brake Assist 5, Abstandshalte-Assistent, Verkehrszeichen-Assistent, Spurhalte-Assistent, Stabilitätsregel-Assistent, Aufmerksamkeits-Assistent, Active Drive Assist, MirrorCam, Multimedia Cockpit interactive, Predictive Powertrain Control mit Erweiterung um Interurban, BiXenon-Scheinwerfer. Mercedes-Benz Actros 1863 LS 4x2, Exterior,antique red metallic, L-Cab, SoloStar Concept, GigaSpace, OM 473 Euro VI rated at 460 kW/625 hp, displacement 15.6 l, 12-speed Mercedes PowerShift transmission 3, Active Brake Assist 5, Proximity Assist, Traffic-Sign-Recognation-Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Stability Assist, Attention Assist, Active Drive Assist, MirrorCam, Multimedia Cockpit interactive, Predictive Powertrain Control with extension Interurban, BiXenon headlamps.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks  has announced it will present its revolutionary new truck with cameras instead of mirrors at the Brisbane Truck Show in mid May.

Instead of using traditional mirrors, the new Mercedes-Benz truck uses the MirrorCam system, which features aerodynamic cameras connected to two large screens in the cabin that dramatically boost driver vision.

The new generation Mercedes-Benz truck, which will soon hit the road in Europe, also features a new multimedia interface system with two high-resolution tablet-style screens that can be customised for driver preference, much like displays in high-end Mercedes-Benz road cars.

Mercedes says the new truck also features a raft of new features including GPS-assisted Predictive Powertrain Control for increased efficiency, enhanced connectivity and the latest generation of advanced safety technology.

The company says that the MirrorCam system can help deliver a fuel efficiency saving, thanks to the reduced drag of the small camera pods that replace the regular mirrors. The increased range of vision that can be displayed on the two screens in the cabin, and the lack of a physical mirror blocking some of the view, is also set to deliver a big improvement for drivers.

Mercedes-Benz says it has further improved driver control over a range of systems with new touch control buttons added to the steering wheel, which allow drivers to change what information is displayed on the two large screens.

Mercedes-Benz will also present a spacious new sleeper cab concept in Brisbane with an innovative interior cab layout focused on the driver.

The company is looking at further increasing comfort levels with an even larger mattress, increased storage capacity and a clever lounge-style passenger seat arrangement called the SoloStar Concept.

The idea of the feature is to maximize the living space of the cab and create a two different spaces, one for resting and another for sleeping. When the bed is folded up against the wall, the driver can enjoy a corner lounge-style seat that rests in the back corner of the cab and opens up a vast amount of legroom in conjunction with a fully flat walk through floor.

The lounge-style seat can be used by the driver during rest stops or can be utilised as a traditional passenger seat.

Mercedes-Benz says it will also cast a spotlight on the RoadEfficiency advantage at its truck show stand. RoadEfficiency is a complete package of services and innovations that combine to lower the total cost of operation, as well as saving time and boosting safety. This is enabled by increased connectivity, advanced safety systems, maintenance programs and flexible finance options.

The Brisbane Truck Show will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 16 to 19