Paccar Parts  has announced it has  opened a new  and expanded Brisbane parts distribution centre (PDC) with a new 12,400 sq metre logistics hub in the suburb of Berrinba, south of  the Brisbane CBD.

The company opened its first Brisbane PDC six years ago, however  there was a need to expand to a new, much larger facility to support  the continued parts growth in the Paccar dealer network.

It claims  the  larger facility will allow the Brisbane PDC to stock a wider range of part numbers to support dealers and customers.

Pacar Parts said the expansion project required relocating all racking and stock from the old distribution centre to the new facility over an eight-week period with more than 16,000 different part locations to be moved.

The company said the facility remained fully operational during the move, ensuring that  its dealer service levels were sustained.

The move means the Brisbane PDC has been expanded from a 6,000 sq metre facility to a 12,400 sq metre operation, which includes the addition of a large external canopy to ensure products are preserved during the loading and unloading process.

Paccar Parts said  its new Brisbane PDC now has more than  20,000 part locations across a mix of racking and bulk floor storage locations following the move, with 3,500 of those locations added during the relocation, as a result of  installing new racking aisles, and substantially increasing the density of storage locations in existing aisles.

Paccar Parts Brisbane PDC manager, Chris Fillingham said  he was extremely proud to be a part of the driven and dedicated team who worked tirelessly to successfully achieve the facility relocation, whilst maintaining service levels to our dealer network.

“We are already leveraging the benefits of the additional space the new site offers, having increased our inventory holding to improve our parts availability and support customer uptime.” Fillingham said,

“I would like to highlight the dedication, efforts and determination of the whole team in Brisbane who undertook this warehouse move and achieved it on schedule, whilst maintaining the integrity of our stock when we relocated it, ensuring each part in each location that we moved was counted,” he added.

Paccar Parts said its Brisbane PDC supports 23 dealer locations throughout Queensland and mid–Northern New South Wales, with the larger space allowing the facility to hold a wider range of SKUs as well as additional stock of existing parts – reducing lead times and increasing availability.