Volvo Group Australia has unveiled the latest major investment in its dealer network with key dealer CMV Truck and Bus opening its new dealership at Derrimut in Melbourne.

The new facility will handle Volvo, Mack and UD and boasts 123 service bays and has led VGA president Peter Voorhoeve to label it the biggest heavy dealership in the world.

“This is a benchmark for not only Australia but the world and is a statement about the future of road transport and an investment that underlines confidence in the brands sold here,” said Voorhoeve.

CMV opened the new facility for business in August this year just down the road from the older CMV operation however the official opening last week saw many key executives from around the global Volvo Group network fly in for the occasion, underlining the importance of CMV to the organisation.

More than 700 people attended the official opening with key Volvo personnel including Volvo Trucks International senior vice president, Heléne Mellquist, UD Trucks senior vice president,  Pierre Jean Salamon and vice president of business control Bruce Keller from Mack Trucks in the USA.

CMV Group MD Paul Crawford said it is the VGA products that has given the company the confidence to make such a large investment in the facilities

“This is a massive improvement in amenity, services and advice for customers as well as increased safety for our staff,” said Crawford.

The centre of the new development is the double storey admin operation with offices on the first floor and includes a driver’s centre with sleeping and washing facilities as well as screens revealing progress of work on vehicles in the service facility. There is also a cafeteria for staff included in the building.

Parts and service operations are located on the ground floor along with the work bays.

CMV is looking to roll out tablet-style hand-held device holding the resultant information staff can greet drivers as they arrive while number-plate recognition has been incorporated into the facility.

Computers track the workflow of individual trucks that are in for service or repairs and cameras allow for visual confirmation of which bays are not being utilised while the workshops are divided into two wings, with technician and mechanics working two shifts on week days.

The 80,000 square metre site included 20,000 square metres under cover.

Helen Mellquist underlined the regard in which CMV is held by Volvo.

“The investment that CMV Truck & Bus has made into facilities such as this one, your commitment to providing care and quality that Volvo customers expect when buying one of your trucks, is what convinces us that we are a trusted partner with CMV. A partner who shares the same values as us,” Mellquist said.

“Today, we are at the start of a paradigm shift which leads, in the long run, to a reshaped transport and logistics.

“Automated driving, electric mobility, connectivity, will not only radically transform the industry but also make it more sustainable than ever.

“Facilities like the one we are standing in today will be extremely important in ensuring we deliver on our current commitments while also preparing ourselves for the future.”