Cummins has used the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis to announce further improvements to its mid-range engine line up.

The changes affect the Diesel V5.0, B6.7 and L9, as well as the Cummins Westport natural gas ISB6.7 G and ISL G Near Zero engines.

According to executive director of North American OEMs at Cummins, Jeff Caldwell, the improvements prove that Cummins is constantly seeking efficiencies.

“Innovation is not only related to the brand new. Cummins announced our new mid-range engine platforms last year, but we haven’t been resting on our laurels,” Caldwell said.

“We constantly strive to make our products better for our customers, so they can keep their truck on the road longer, getting the job done. Cummins is a company committed to innovation, and in 2017, the market leader keeps getting better.”

Its enhancements to the B6.7 improves on fuel economy, with the engine seeing an average of 8.5 per cent on efficiency ratings and five per cent on performance ratings over the former leader, the 2013 ISB6.7.

“Our B Series engines have been at the heart of many hard-working trucks through North America over the past few decades. And in 2017, the B6.7 maintains its bulletproof reliability while bringing tangible fuel economy savings for our customers,” said Caldwell.

“The program started with a goal of delivering seven per cent better fuel economy on the efficiency ratings and one per cent better fuel economy on the performance ratings over the 2013 product.”

The B6.7 also has stop-start capability, which Cummins said provide improved fuel economy of between three and 15 per cent.