Swedish based European  electric truck start up Volta, has announced a major milestone with the start of production of its 16-tonne all-electric Volta Zero at the Steyr Automotive factory at Steyr in Austria.

Volta is using Steyr Automotive as contract manufacturing partner, a role it plays with a number of vehicle companies, including hydrogen and BEV start up, Nikola

Volta says that following the design verification and production validation prototypes which were built in 2022, the first series production customer-specification vehicles have now entered the production line.

The initial batch of vehicles will be used for the Volta Zero Driving Experience Program, a  test drive program, where customers will borrow a truck for an extended period, and which will allow fleet operators to understand how the production-specification all-electric medium-duty truck will integrate into their operations.

Following the start of production, Volta says the trucks produced will undergo rigorous and extensive quality assurance and testing, with the first trucks ordered by customers expected to be dispatched in Q3, this year.

 The Austrian minister of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology  Leonore Gewessler, was welcomed to the manufacturing facility at Steyr to witness the milestone  preparations for the start of production of the all-electric Volta Zero.

“Here in Steyr, modern, climate-friendly e-trucks are being manufactured as of today with the Volta Zero. This shows: There are enormous opportunities for Austria and Europe in e-mobility: more climate protection, more quality of life in our cities and future-proof jobs. I am really proud that this production takes place in Austria. Thank you for the exciting insight into this impressive work,” said Minister Leonore Gewessler after her visit.

Volta Trucks’ contract manufacturing facility is owned by Steyr Automotive. Following an extensive tender process, Steyr Automotive was appointed in August 2021 based on its extensive experience in commercial vehicle manufacturing, existing manufacturing facilities, and consequent speed to market. Steyr Automotive offers Volta Trucks more than 100 years of manufacturing experience building commercial vehicles.

Steyr Automotive has reserved a capacity of up to 14,000 vehicles per year for Volta Trucks from their total available production. Volta Trucks will ramp up production volumes over the coming years to maximise this opportunity and during this time, manufacturing the Volta Zero will potentially create over 700 jobs and a further estimated 2,000 positions within the supply chain.

 Co-Founder and Chief Manufacturing and Logistics Officer of Volta Trucks, Kjell Walöen, said the first full production Volta Zero going into the production line at Steyr is the most substantial milestone the company has achieved to date.

“In just 2.5 years, less than half the time existing truck manufacturers take, we have moved from launching a concept, through the engineering, development and quality phases and now the start of production of the final specification models that will be driven by customers, making our urban environments safer and more sustainable,” said Kjell Walöen.

“The industry-leading pace to market set by Volta Trucks is a true testament to the highly skilled and driven professionals in the company and our partners, and the whole team is extremely proud of this milestone moment,” he added.