Akkomplice | Daimler | November 20th, 2020 | © Mark Avellino Photography

Daimler has confirmed that it is welcoming the announcement earlier today that  leading US truck dealer, the Velocity Vehicle Group has agreed to purchase the Australian Daimler Truck dealerships currently owned by Australian automotive dealer behemoth, Eagers Automotive  , pending completion of formal approval processes.

As mentioned in our earlier story  on T&B News  which broke the news to the truck industry, Velocity Vehicle Group is one of the largest Daimler Trucks dealership networks proving its customer dedication across 36 dealership locations in major US markets.

Daimler Truck and Bus president and CEO, Daniel Whitehead, thanked Eagers Automotive for its partnership during a time of growth for Daimler commercial vehicles.

“We have achieved a lot together and I wish them all the best for the future,” he said.

Just like its US operation, Velocity Vehicle Group’s Australian network will only sell and service commercial vehicles, with a firm focus on truck and bus customers and exclusively represent Daimler brands Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and Fuso.

Daniel Whitehead said he is excited that Velocity Vehicle Group will be supporting its brands in key markets across Australia.

“We are extremely pleased to work with a group that has such an incredible track record with Daimler Trucks in the United States which consistently delivers on a core commitment to commercial vehicle customers,” he says.

“Daimler currently has the best and most advanced cab-over and conventional trucks in Australia, and they will now be sold and supported by a strengthened dealership network of equal calibre,” Mr Whitehead adds.

Co-presidents of Velocity Vehicle Group Brad Fauvre and Conan Barkersaid they were cited  to have the Australian Daimler dealerships of Eagers added to  VVG’s portfolio.

“We have seen the dedication of everyone at each dealership, and we know that together with their US VVG colleagues, we will be able to deliver world-class service to the Australian truck market. We look forward to getting to know every customer and employee as we execute on our mission of speed, value and trust for all of our Australian customers.”

Daimler Truck and Bus Australia aftersales and network operations director, Greg Lovrich, said the significant investment of Velocity Vehicle Group represents a big step forward.

“We have long admired the Velocity Vehicle Group as a shining example of a best-practice commercial vehicle dealership network in a market where Daimler is number one and excellent customer service is critical to doing business,” he said.

“Velocity Vehicle Group knows what it takes to provide the kind of service that truck and bus customers expect from Daimler and we are thrilled about the commitment it is making to the Australian market,” Greg Lovrich added.