Daimler has announced it has  sold off the last of its factory owned dealerships, revealing that its Huntingwood dealership in Sydney’s West has been off loaded to the US owned Velocity Vehicle Group.

Velocity purchased the truck dealership assets of AP Eagers in 2020  which resulted in it gaining a total of 15 Daimler truck outlets across Australia. The Huntingwood dealership means that Velocity now control 16 Daimler dealerships here.

The sale comes after Daimler divested its dealership operations at Laverton in Melbourne in 2016 and its other dealership in that city at Somerton last year, and means the company has exited all of its factory owned retail outlets.

Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific president and CEO, Daniel Whitehead, says the Huntingwood sale is good news for Daimler customers.

“Moving away from own retail allows for a singular focus on providing Daimler Truck and Bus customers the best truck and bus solutions across all segments,” he said.

“Selling and servicing commercial vehicles is the speciality of our dedicated truck dealer partners, so it makes sense for them to provide our channel to market and to offer industry leading support for our customers,” Mr Whitehead concludes.

DTB Australia Pacific Aftersales and Network Operations Director, Greg Lovrich, said Daimler Trucks Huntingwood has been a strong performer throughout the years and is currently the highest volume Daimler dealership in Australia.

“Daimler Trucks Huntingwood has been one of our best performing dealerships, a multi award-winner with a wealth of experience from spare parts and service through to the showroom floor,” he said.

“We want to thank the employees for their commitment and wish them continued success under the stewardship of Velocity Vehicle Group.”